Cal Frames Products


The first Cal Frames product is designed to be highly versatile, in order to fit nearly all California motorcycle plates, and many more. These include:

  • All California motorcycle plates from 1934-1962 (7-1/4" x 4-1/8")
  • All California motorcycle plates from mid-1970 to present (7" x 4")
  • All standard modern motorcycle plates (7" x 4" with a 5.75" x 2.75" bolt pattern)
  • All Utah motorcycle plates from 1959 through the mid-1980s (7-1/4" x 4-1/8")
  • All vertical California motorcycle plates produced from 1920-1933; however, these can only be mounted using the four corner mounting holes, not the center fender mounting holes, and the sticker wells would be aligned vertically on the side of the plate

    NOTE: This frame does NOT fit California motorcycle plates from 1963 through mid-1970 (8" x 5"). Cal Frames does have future plans to produce a similar frame for these plates, if the success of the business will allow it.

    The Cal Classic frame will be offered with the following finishing options:

  • Powder coated black finish (standard)
  • Powder coated silver finish (standard)
  • Real chrome plated finish (additional cost)

    Several fastener options will also be offered as well:

  • Regular stainless fasteners (standard)
  • Security stainless fasteners, to discourage theft (additional cost)
  • Universal mounting fastener kit, for bikes that the standard plate mounting holes will not fit (additional cost)

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