Cal Frames Fundraiser

Starting up a new company is no easy task, especially one that relies on domestic manufacturing, because of the significant up-front investment that is required. Metal die casting involves a great deal of overhead to produce the molds and dies used in the casting process, which typically cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because money does not grow on trees, Cal Frames will need to rely on the support of vintage motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts, in California and beyond, in order to produce these frames. The plan is to launch a crowdsourced fundraising campaign during the summer of 2018, to raise the funds necessary to begin production of these frames, by taking advance orders, and offering other products and perks. Production of the tooling will begin immediately following the successful completion of the fundraising campaign, so that the frames can be delivered to supporters as quickly as possible, ideally within 3-6 months. From then on, the business will be able to sustain itself financially and grow further, with plans for additional fundraising campaigns in the future, to produce other designs for specialty license plate frames, based on demand - first and foremost for California 1963-base black motorcycle plates.

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