About Cal Frames

Cal Frames was founded in 2017 by Tom Donohue of Santa Cruz, CA, who is the sole proprietor and operator of the company. The goal of Cal Frames is to provide quality license plate frames designed specifically to fit vintage California motorcycle license plates. To the fullest extent possible, Cal Frames products are manufactured here in California, or at least within the United States of America.

A personal note from the founder and owner, Tom Donohue:

The products offered here are the fruition of my long term interests in license plates and vintage vehicles, and I started Cal Frames in order to share my creative and practical ideas with the public. I strive to provide the best combination of quality, style and usefulness in my products, at the most reasonable price possible, and I endeavor to operate honestly in everything I do. I welcome customers to contact me if they are not fully satisfied with any of my products in any way, and I will do everything within my ability to deliver what I advertise. As much as I wish to cater to the widest audience possible, I am focusing my efforts on the California market at this time. However, if future success permits, I am open to pursuing new markets and products that may be viable. I hope that you will be pleased with the quality of Cal Frames' products and you will enjoy how they enhance the look of your ride.